Bridging the Self-Studies of CCNE and the BRN

Commissioned by the CACN Board in Spring 2013, the Task Force on Bridging the Self-Studies of CCNE and the BRN has completed their assignment. 

Use the links below to access several resources including: the summary and rationale statement for this work; a tool for comparing the CCNE and BRN standards with required supporting evidence; and a tool matching CCNE, BRN, and WASC standards with the exemplar of the Biola University Program Evaluation Plan. CACN program administrators are encouraged to simply delete the Biola exemplar and insert their specific program evaluation plan.

Susan Elliott, Task Force Chair

Summary and Rationale Statement - CCNE-BRN Spring 2014

Comparison Crosswalk - CA BRN and CCNE

Exemplar: 2014 CCNE and BRN--Standards and Program Evaluation Plan